iOS Interview Questions Part 9

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Intelegain Technology iOS Interview Questions

Location : Turbhe

Date : September, 2018

  1. What is difference between datasource and delegates?
  2. What are methods of Uitableviewdelegate and Uitableviewdatasource?
  3. ‌Which design pattern you are using?
  4. ‌What are MVC?
  5. ‌What are persistent storage in iOS?
  6. ‌What is difference between coredata and sqlite?
  7. ‌Have you use sqlite?
  8. ‌For what purpose we are using sqlite in our app?
  9. What is category in objective c?
  10. ‌What you have used for webservice parsing?
  11. How do we implement multithreading?
  12. What is GCD?
  13. Have you used core location framework?
  14. ‌For display Google map, what you have used?
  15. Can you tell me collectionview delegates and datasource methods?
  16. ‌Have you experience of iPad app?
  17. ‌Do you need another storyboard for iPad UI?
  18. ‌Can we have multiple storyboard?
  19. ‌Why you need another storyboard required?
  20. ‌Can you explain viewcontroller lifecycle?
  21. ‌Have you used stack view? What is need to use stack view?
  22. ‌In which format you are uploading image?
  23. ‌How many way we can store image on server?
  24. Which is first method when app start?
  25. When push notification comes, which method get called?

CTS Technology iOS Interview Questions :

Date : 27, September, 2018

  1. What is delegate?
  2. What is need of protocol?
  3. What is diff between delegate and notification?
  4. Want is collection type in Objective-C and Swift?
  5. What is extension in Swift?
  6. What is different between Swift and Objective-c?
  7. What is sub classing?
  8. Oops concept
  9. What is difference between class, enum and structure?
  10. What is difference between strong and weak?
  11. What is optional chaining and optional binding?
  12. What is meaning of following in Swift

13.What is access specifier in iOS?

14.What are higher order methods?

15.What is background state? Do you know about Gcd, operationqueue?

16.What do you know about MVC and MVVM ?

17.What is sychronus and ascynchronus?

Infosys iOS Interview Questions

August, 2018

  1. What was the latest version of iOS you worked with? What do you like about it and why?
  2. ‌What is an iOS application and where does your code fit into it?
  3. ‌What features of Swift do you like or dislike? Why?
  4. ‌How is memory management handled on iOS?
  5. What do you know about singletons? Where would you use one and where would you not?
  6. Could you explain what the difference is between Delegate and KVO?
  7. ‌What design patterns are commonly used in iOS apps?
  8. ‌What design patterns besides common Cocoa patterns do you know of? -> MVC
  9. ‌Could you explain and show examples of SOLID principles?
  10. What options do you have for implementing storage and persistence on iOS?
  11. ‌What options do you have for implementing networking and HTTP on iOS?
  12. ‌How and when would you need to serialize and map data on iOS?
  13. ‌What are the options for laying out UI on iOS?
  14. ‌How would you optimize the scrolling performance of dynamically sized table or collection views?
  15. How would you execute asynchronous tasks on iOS?
  16. How do you manage dependencies?
  17. ‌How do you debug and profile things on iOS?
  18. ‌Do you have TDD experience? How do you unit and UI test on iOS?
  19. Do you code review and/or pair program?

Reliance General iOS Interview Questions


6, July, 2018

  1. What is protocol?
  2. What is need of protocol in ObjectiveC?
  3. ‌Diff between notification and delegate
  4. ‌What type of constraints for auto layout for any view?
  5. ‌How you will implement scrollview for any long form?
  6. What are steps to implement for push notifications?
  7. If there are two views up and bottom, up-view is 60% of superview and 40% of superview respectively, then what to do with constraint?
  8. ‌How to implement expand type uitableviewcell?
  9. ‌If I have dynamic content in tableviewcell, then how it will be calculated?

India Infoline iOS Interview Questions

Andheri, Mumbai


  1. What is difference between == and isequals in string?
  2. Which frame work used for current location?
  3. How to find current location?
  4. ‌Lifecycle of view controller
  5. When view will disappear?
  6. ‌Diff between viewdidload and viewwillappear?
  7. What is ARC?
  8. What is difference between strong and weak?
  9. What arc do for strong and weak relationship?
  10. ‌Is memory freed by arc automatically?
  11. Default type of property, i.Strong or weak‌ ii. Atomic or non atomic
  12. What is atomic and non atomic property?
  13. Which property type keyword with iboutlet?
  14. ‌Which one fast from atomic or nonatomic?

Meru Mobility Tech iOS Interview Questions

Andheri, Mumbai

Date : 4,Aug,2018

‌1. What are types of local storage database

‌2. Can we save data in keychain?

‌3. What is secure type to store datal

‌4. Which type of encryption you have used?

‌5. Rest API and Soap API

‌6. Which API I have used in our project?

‌7. Which are the steps to call API?

‌8. What is end to end requirements for Apple push notifications?

‌9. Which call back method called when notification received?

‌10. What type of features of google maps?

‌11. Which API you have worked in Google map in your project?

‌12. What is difference between mutable array and immutable array?

‌13. Which one is thread safe from mutable array and immutable array?

‌14. Which architect you have used in your project?

‌15. What is MVC? How you have implement this?

‌16. Int Array sorting in ascending

‌17. What is difference between xib and storyboard? Which one is better?

‌18. What is most challenging task you have done in your project?

Thyrocare iOS Interview Questions

Turbhe, Navi Mumbai


‌1. Diff between static constructor and private constructor

‌2. What is category?

‌3. What is extension?

IBM Technology iOS Interview Questions

Date : 23, September,2018

1. About Projects

‌2. Difference between tableview and collection view

‌2. Which is better scroll view or page view or collection view and why

‌3. Difference between bounds and frame

‌If I want have a label in a uiview, what will be the bounds and frame

‌4. What are generics in swift?

‌5. What are MVC depth?

‌6. What is in out parameters

‌7. Access specifier in swift

‌8. Stackviews advantages. why and when to use stackviews?

‌9. What are size classes? Explain with example

‌10. How to handle optional in swift?

‌11. Have you worked with Auto layout?

‌12. How to submit an app to app store?

‌13. What is app thinning?

‌14. What is a singleton class?

‌15. What are closures?

‌16. What is extension and when and why to use them?

‌17. When to use a collection view and when to use a tableview?

‌18. What are observables in swift?



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